Key success factors for superior performance


Achieve clarity in strategic direction, core business and positioning


Reduce complexity, capture essentials and establish clear priorities


Grow profitably and sustainably achieve strategic goals


Assess accelerating changes in the market and competitive environment

Our Mission: Consulting at its Best

We elevate top management consulting to a completely new level by strictly applying the key success factors to achieve superior performance.

We work with our LTP-METHODOLOGY to assess and improve your company’s ability to succeed.

We master the Art of Consulting and offer our clients exactly the support they need.

Our communication is open and direct and we work towards building a Long Term Partnership.

Having clarity makes the difference. We usually have enough data, but we often lack the required strategic clarity to know what to do.

  • Chief Executive Officer
    Leading Food Products Company

The LTP-Methodology clearly showed us the strategic priorities. This enabled us to recognize and exploit the opportunities of digitalization.

  • Owner
    Large Family Business

We clearly benefited from their unique experience and personal engagement. Their role as implementation drivers helped us enormously.

  • Head of Strategic Planning
    Industrial Company

The support was perfectly tailored to our requirements. The project led to clear, directly implementable results that we continue to jointly monitor and adjust.

  • Ex-CEO
    Leading Retailer

We create clarity concerning strategy and operations


We create clarity concerning key strategic issues and offer tailored support to analyze the core business, competitive differentiation, portfolio prioritization, branding/sales strategies and digital transformations.

Value Creation

We create clarity concerning operational performance and develop relevant KPIs to drive value. These levers are translated into comprehensive performance improvement initiatives.


We create clear structures and processes. The results of our tailored organizational and decision diagnostics are key to achieving superior performance.

Merger & Acquisitions

We create clarity concerning equity investments. We offer focused support in buying and selling situations, as well as full potential assessment of portfolio companies.

The Art of Consulting:
Offering our clients exactly the support they need

Close personal cooperation

We focus on a few selected clients to be able to offer maximum personal support. We leverage your company's existing competencies and help to build new capabilities. Strict confidentiality and - if desired - exclusivity are the basis for a Long Term Partnership.

Tailored support

We offer independent and constructive analysis to drive key decisions. To ensure the optimal combination of creatively structured and analytically logical expertise, we support our clients as a partner team. When required, we are available to take responsibility within the organization to fill temporary gaps, e.g. Board, Committees.

Independent and free

We bring fresh ideas to provide orientation and inspiration. We offer the required empathy and creativity to find solutions not previously identified. Communication with our clients is open and direct.

Bundled experience and expertise

Based on decades of experience with leading international consulting firms we bundle our comprehensive expertise and our trustworthiness to excel in the Art of Consulting.

Assessment and optimization of your company’s ability to succeed

A company‘s success is mainly determined by the ability to do the right things right.
We developed the LTP-METHODOLOGY on the basis of decades of experience. It is focused on the four key success factors to achieve superior performance:

  • Create clarity (Do the right things): Leadership-Dimension
  • Capture essentials (Do the things right): Management-Dimension
  • Achieve results: Performance-Dimension
  • Recognize change: Change-Dimension

Scoring model to determine levers for optimization

Our LTP-METHODOLOGY leads to a clear assessment of the key success factors based on an experience-driven scoring model. The twelve most important company-specific factors will be analysed. The leadership, management, performance and change scores lead to clear priorities and specific levers for optimization.
This LTP-METHODOLOGY includes a systematic diagnostic, based on workshops, management interviews and data analysis.

Long Term Partners

Dr. Rudolf Pritzl

Dr. Rudolf Pritzl has worked as a management consultant since 1993, after 20 years as Partner and Director for Bain & Company, where he led the strategy and consumer goods/retail practices in Germany and Switzerland, he founded Long Term Partners Germany. He is also co-owner and Head of the Supervisory Board of a regional brewery and a beverage wholesaler. He has extensive experience in strategy, organizational redesign and value enhancement for German, Swiss and multinational clients. Rudolf was trained at Harvard and Stanford Business Schools and holds an MBA and a doctoral degree from St. Gallen University.

Dr. Peter M. Ruppert

Dr. Peter M. Ruppert is a management consultant, entrepreneur and manager since 1988. He worked for the Boston Consulting Group in Munich, held several executive and board positions and was personal advisor to famous persons. He also exclusively represented Oliver Kahn for 12 years and is still a member of the Advisory Board of the Oliver Kahn Foundation. Peter holds a masters and a doctoral degree in business economics from the University of St. Gallen and is an acknowledged expert in strategy, brand strategy, marketing and new media.

Dr. Tillmann C. Lauk

Dr. Tillmann C. Lauk (LL.M.) worked as a management consultant (The Boston Consulting Group, Munich/Zuerich) and held various executive board positions among them as a member of the “Global Executive Management Board” with Deutsche Bank AG. He was founder and CEO of a venture capital fund which received in 2003 an award from the European Venture Capital Association “Best Technology Exit of the year behind Yell”. He studied protestant theology and law and received his Master degree (LL.M.) at Columbia University in New York.

Marco Costaguta

Marco Costaguta has worked as a management consultant since 1985, first at McKinsey and then as one of the founders of the Italian branch of Bain & Company, where he built up the consumer goods/retail practices in Italy and Europe and as one of the founders of Long Term Partners Italy. An expert in retail and the reorganization of sales networks, he is a director of a number of leading industrial companies. Marco has a degree in mechanical engineering from the Milan Polytechnic and an MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleau.

LTP professionals have wide-ranging backgrounds and experience, a solid track record and a determined commitment to the success of our clients. In addition, Long Term Partners leverages their comprehensive network of experts who are used on a selective basis.


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